Binary Cocoa Raises the Steaks

So much punny goodness/badness going on in the blog these days. Binary Cocoa has ben busy making jokes! We also had steak yesterday for dinner

Binary Cocoa Happy Birthday to Me

This is what happens when Braxton names the blog posts. This week has been a busy one at Binary Cocoa. We’re getting closer to being

Binary Cocoa: No Marshmallows In This Mug

Cool guys alway drink their hot chocolate sans marshmallows. Marshmallows melt when the explosions go off. We’ve been working our backsides here at Binary Cocoa

Binary Cocoa Tries Snake Charming

We have a nifty new game mode that we’re trying to implement in Collider! It is very snake-like with a bunch of enemies that try

Binary Cocoa Tries the Salad

Lately I’ve been trying GameSalad to make some games for the iPad. This has been an amazing experiment for me because it allows me to