Binary Cocoa Does a Barrel Roll

We’re making some space jets! We’ve been secretly working on a game that’s in the vein of Strike Gunner and other star blasters alike. Here’s

General News

So Many Things Are Happening!

Hey everyone! We’re not dead! Sorry for the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks. We’ve been super busy gathering info on Wet


More Wet Blanket News!

Hey everyone! Things have been going quite swimmingly with Wet Blanket over the past couple of days. There’s still 11 days left to make a


There’s Still Time to Get Wet Blanket!

Hey everyone! We’ve been absolutely amazed at the response that we’ve gotten on our Wet Blanket Kickstarter page and we’re crazy grateful. There’s still time


Wet Blanket Is On Kickstarter!

Behold, the Kickstarter for Wet Blanket has launched! Check out the page to see the fine details and pictures of the card game about breaking



Hey there everyone! got some exciting things coming up real soon for Binary Cocoa. The OpenWest Conference is happening next month in Utah and we


We Got Into Another Bundle!

Hey everyone! Collider has been featured in another bundle! You can find it at Daily Indie Bundle┬átoday. It’s got a bunch of awesome games in


Binary Cocoa Wears Cheese Tofu Toupees

Cheese tofu toupees don’t actually exist in the real world. Some might even go so far as to say that Binary Cocoa doesn’t exist in