Binary Cocoa Wears Cheese Tofu Toupees

Cheese tofu toupees don’t actually exist in the real world. Some might even go so far as to say that Binary Cocoa doesn’t exist in the real world. Showing the deniers this website would only make them think that we got to you.

Joseph and I like to sing along to songs while we work. But we don’t only like to sing, we also like to change the lyrics to things about cheese or toupees because we’re awesome. The original title for this blog post was originally going to be Binary Cocoa Prepares For Release Within Days, but naturally we went with the parody.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Bundle Stars Hidden Gems bundle! It was certainly a fantastic experience for us all and we’re very grateful for the opportunity. Let us know what you think of Collider! We hope to have over the network multiplayer in the near future. It’s much trickier than we had previously imagined so if you have any tips let us know!

Our super secret Egypt project is also under way! We’ve made some big advancements in the past week as well. We have a menu that’s almost fully functional and are working on integrating maps that I’ve been building with Tiled. Check back soon to see what we’ve been doing!

Say hi to Jerry in the banner up top on your way out!


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