About Binary Cocoa

Our Core Values

We want our customers to be part of our world by infecting them with our enthusiasm for creating games.

Put Gameplay First

Our games are so well designed that they can hold and engage a player without needing the glitz, hype, or showy packaging.

Bring People Together

Connecting family and friends together in a positive way is what makes us happy. Our games will always have the option of playing with another person.

Be Mentally Engaging

Our games stem from a curious mind that loves the laws of nature. We find magic in geometry and numbers and create games that expand ways to think abstractly.

Always Be Honest

We are an open book and wear only one face. We will never compromise integrity for profit.

Be Friendly

We will always be personal and accessible to our customers, employees, and to each other. Our customers are family and we invite their input and recognize their part in the growth of our organization.

Be Original

Our games are innovative, original, and diverse. Following the paths of others is not our thing.

Binary Cocoa Leadership


President / Developer

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Creative Director

Audio Design
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Artist / Game Design

Brand management
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