Binary Cocoa is a game development company known for its vast volumes of award winning games, their icy wit, and charming good looks. Binary Cocoa is also extremely generous to themselves in their biographies. Formed in the fall of winter 2013, Joseph and Stephen set out to make a simple video game for entertainment and learning purposes. Joseph would be in charge of the programming and Stephen would do the art. They gave themselves a time window of a month to complete the project and reached out to Glen Moyes and Jesse Horne for help. Eight months later they emerged with the game Hexapod Defense Force and released it to the masses.
It turns out that making a game was much more difficult than was anticipated, but the things learned along the way were worth the time spent. Braxton was soon brought on to help with the coding and things have been going smoother ever since.
The guys at Binary Cocoa are currently working on BOCO, a puzzle-head-scratcher-strategy game, and Viking Escape, a game where viking are trying to ride their ship out of a perilous cave filled with fish and monsters. Our company specializes in making games that are fun to play, have minimal violence and clean language. We like playing games, which is why we enjoy making them even if we are ignored throughout our career. Not that we want that to happen. Enjoy our site!