Mondrian: Color in Motion has been funded!

Mondrian: Color in Motion

Hooray Mondrian: Color in Motion has been funded on Kickstarter! We are so blown away by the reception that it has had so far and we’re looking forwarded to getting copies out to everyone! If you haven’t gotten your copy yet there is still time to get the early bird special that will save you […]

Mondrian: Color in Motion is live on Kickstarter!

Friends and family, we have launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund our game, Mondrian: Color in Motion! We’ve been putting a lot of work into this one for the past while and we hope you’ll enjoy us in the journey over the next couple weeks. Check out the campaign and grab a copy if […]

New Years Celebration

We are planning on having a new years celebration today at our store in Rexburg! The store will be open from the time we open until midnight and we will have space for people to play games and ring in the new year with us. We will be serving hot chocolate so please come on […]

SaltCON and Other News

Hello everyone! The people working here at Binary Cocoa have been busily working away on new games and managing our new storefront in Rexburg, Idaho. The store has received an overwhelming amount of positive attention and we’ve been happy to see so many new and old faces come to visit. We hope that anyone in […]

Matcheads Out in iOS and Rexburg Storefront Announcement

Match Heads is out on iOS now! Check it out on your iphones and ipads today for your gaming pleasure. In other exciting news Binary Cocoa will be getting a storefront this year in Rexburg, Idaho! We are super excited to have a space to work on projects and sell our games to whoever would […]

Match Heads On Google Play Store

Holy news Batman! It is true, Match Heads has dropped on the Google Play store and you can try it today! Here is a helpful link to follow: Go ahead and download it and let us know what you think of it!

Match Heads Updates

Match Heads is coming to Mac/PC/Linux and Mobile soon! We released a trailer for the game last week and we’re excited to see what people think of the game. Check it out while it’s hot! We’re currently in the process of pushing the game to various platforms which can usually take some time, but we’re […]

Events for January and February 2020

Happy new year! We’re stoked at Binary Cocoa to announce some events for January and February! We’re still adding some, but take a look at what we’ve got so far: January 17th 2020BryceCon 2020Ruby’s Inn, 26 South Main Street, Bryce Canyon City, Utah 84764This is a board gaming event we will be attending in Bryce […]

Trophies – A Review by Binary Cocoa

A couple of weeks ago Facade Games put a game called Trophies, and they sent us a copy to review! Since we had played Deadwood and Salem previously we were super excited to give this game a try. Facade Games is well known for Dark City Series, which has sold over a million copies and […]

Brian Teaches How to Play Trolls Eat Moles!

Recently Brian and Stephen attended the Tucson Comic Con and it was fun! We met lots of fun people, ate some good food truck food and played many new games that Brian has been creating over the past year. The above video has Brian explaining how to play one of his latest creations, Trolls Eat […]

Fear Con Awaits!

We’ve been super busy the past couple weeks and have lots of fun things to share with all of you! First off we are presenting a new game at Fear Con this year that we are calling Shadow Brume. which is a haunted house game where the house is trying to kill you. We’ve been […]

SLAMORAMA Gets Funded!

SLAMORAMA has reached its funding goal! We are super pumped to get this one out into the world! Here’s a short video with Stephen and Kyrie explaining what will happen now: Be sure to let everyone know that there is still time to get a deck if they want one!