Happy Holidays and New Year From Us at Binary Cocoa!

Hey there! It’s been a long time for sure. We hope that you’ve had a great year and that the coming year will be eventful and full gaming goodness!

Here at Binary Cocoa we’ve been busy manufacturing games like mad, which has certainly kept us busy. We just got our latest copies of Jaycatwalk in. So we hope to be able to start getting those out to players in the upcoming days. We’re excited to finally have it in stock!

We’re also planning on launching a new game on Kickstarter this year called Wrestling Cubes! We’ve made a video for it in Blender which took some time, but it’s nice to see these games played in 3D. We have also made most of the campaign and we’re just fine tuning some things and then hopefully it’ll be ready to launch in a couple months. More news on that to come!

We had to close our store in Rexburg, but the good news is that we’re not going away. We’re just shifting our focus to doing more online work. Mondrian is still doing quite well and we are still stocked with many copies of other games such as Frog Chess, Wet Blanket, Roo, Bullrings, Straight 4, Trolls Eat Moles and Slamorama.

As always we’re grateful to be part of such a fun community and we hope to make this coming year better than ever! Stay tuned for more awesome news coming up!

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