A wrestling card game where you punch, slap or put your opponents in a headlock. Whoever wins the most rounds is the victor!


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Slamorama is a four person card game where each player assumes the role of one of four wrestlers. Each player is given a deck of 13 cards that consists of wrestling moves like punches or slaps or suplexes. 1 is the strongest “move” card, while 7 is the weakest. Players then count to three and throw down what they think will be the strongest move, and whoever does wins the round! On a tie players throw down an additional card until someone finally wins. No one wins the round if the tie occurs on the last round. Rounds go until all players decks are empty, and whoever wins the most rounds wins!

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10+, 6+, 7+


5 – 10 Minutes

Number of players

1, 2, 3, 4

Game Type

Card Game