Roo is a jumping game that is fast, intense and merciless.


Any player can jump over any piece on the board. Each jump earns that player a white pebble. White pebbles can be placed anywhere on the board to set up for future jumps, or to block opponents.

Players are eliminated if another player can jump over one of their pieces and land on a black square with a white dot in the center of the board.

Build combinations of jumps to eliminate your opponents, but be careful because those same combinations can be used against you.


  • Neoprene board
  • 8 pebbles for each player color: yellow, red, light blue, and dark blue.
  • 25 black pebbles
  • 55 white pebbles
  • Directions

Additional information



Number of players

2, 3, 4


15 – 20 Minutes

Game Type

Board Game