Hey there everyone! got some exciting things coming up real soon for Binary Cocoa. The OpenWest Conference is happening next month in Utah and we got our flyers and shirts ordered. We have also ordered a first beta version of Wet Blanket!

I’m not sure if we’ve talked about Wet Blanket before in this blog…and if not then let me tell you! Wet Blanket is a card game we’ve been developing over the past couple months. The game is about a bunch of introverts that want to disrupt a big party so that it’ll break into smaller parties. They’ll accomplish this through devious tactics like throwing a stink bomb or launching fireworks off in the garage. One wins the game by having the most players in their own smaller party by the time everyone has left the prime party. We’ll be showing off the beta version of the game at the Conference next month! Here’s one of the cards just to let you know we’re for real!


It’s a heck of a lot of fun to play for people that feel uncomfortable at parties like me. Hopefully it’ll be fun for people that love to party as well. We’ll see!

Anyway! Collider is spreading and Egypt is making progress as well. Hexapod Defense Force is still out there as well and we might be making some updates to it soon…with fingers crossed! BOCO is out there as well to play and it’s a fun game to try with friends.

Thanks for sticking with the Binary Cocoa train everyone! It means a lot to us. Stick with us for more news to come soon!

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