Binary Cocoa Does a Barrel Roll

We’re making some space jets! We’ve been secretly working on a game that’s in the vein of Strike Gunner and other star blasters alike. Here’s a screenshot of the game so far!


Those of you that are following our Twitter account might have already been seeing this, but we’ll divulge more information on this game here in the blog. We have two players made so far and they both do barrel rolls when you lean left or right hard enough. They’re both animated with 15 frames so their movements are pretty smooth and give you a sense of flying though space in a space jet. We’ve been creating enemies and space station environments that the player will be able to fly through and we think it’s going to be pretty fun! We’ll see anyways.

Stephen has been working on Wet Blanket mostly with his time, so that is Binary Cocoa’s top priority right now. We’ve been working on a multiplayer over the network system that we’ll implement in Egypt and Collider aaaaaand….we have way too many projects on our hands right now. But we love them all! We’ll keep spreading the news as it comes! Thanks for keeping up with us!

So Many Things Are Happening!

Hey everyone! We’re not dead! Sorry for the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks. We’ve been super busy gathering info on Wet Blanket and making changes so that it meets expectations! Yay! Stephen has been hard at work every day trying to get the new drawings in, as well as making more cards for the expansion deck. All in all it’s turning out well and we should be sending out stuff soon!

Joseph and Braxton have been dedicating their time to fixing bugs in Collider as well as starting to implement multiplayer in Egypt! They were battling a major bug that kept them on their toes for a couple days but it looks as if it is dead and we can update within a couple of days! Nice!

Stephen has also been doing some pixel art for a side scrolling platform game when he’s not doing things for Wet Blanket. It’s turning out pretty well! Here’ s a screenshot of what that looks like:


Anyway! Things are happening. So much in fact that the blog has suffered. Sorry. Thanks for keeping up with us to those that are reading still! More good news is on the way!

More Wet Blanket News!

Hey everyone! Things have been going quite swimmingly with Wet Blanket over the past couple of days. There’s still 11 days left to make a difference if you want this game about not making friends! We’ve been making some updates as we’ve been play testing the game and we hope they make the game flow better. People have been super kind to us thus far. Help us spread the word!

In the meantime Stephen has been working on some new art for Hexapod Defense Force! We figured that since Stephen(me) has sort of improved at art over the past couple years that HDF might benefit from having some spiffy new art. Here’s a sneak peak!


I rendered this space jet in Blender and then I screenshot a render of it. It was super fun! I’ll be using lots of Blender models when I update HDF and I think it’ll make the game look more slick. At least I hope so. Results have been decent thus far.

Egypt is also improving! Joseph has been pondering on how to improve our lighting system and his brain has come up with some answers. Braxton usually lurks in the background and pushes bug code sometimes.

Check back in soon for more Binary Cocoa goodness!

There’s Still Time to Get Wet Blanket!

Hey everyone! We’ve been absolutely amazed at the response that we’ve gotten on our Wet Blanket Kickstarter page and we’re crazy grateful. There’s still time to pick it up if you’re on the fence! Let us be diligent in pursuing the cause of the introvert.


We’re such hopeless romantics.

Our good friend Ford Erickson made a video for us that scares a lot of people but is also a lot of fun! Watch it at your own peril. Personally I think its a hoot. It gets some of the game mechanics a bit wrong but for the most part it explains the game. Here it is!

You were warned! Get Wet Blanket and get crazy with us!

Wet Blanket Is On Kickstarter!

Behold, the Kickstarter for Wet Blanket has launched! Check out the page to see the fine details and pictures of the card game about breaking up parties. Heck, we’ll drop some pictures of the alpha deck here on the blog as well just because we want to!




The card game is really a hoot if you get some of your most introverted friends together to play a round. Anyone can play the game but it a special appeal to those that don’t especially enjoy social gatherings. The game has you implement a series of disasters to make people leave a party to your own party where things are more calm. You win the game by having the most people in your personal party by the time the main party is emptied out.

Donate today if you’re feeling generous! We need you!


Hey there everyone! got some exciting things coming up real soon for Binary Cocoa. The OpenWest Conference is happening next month in Utah and we got our flyers and shirts ordered. We have also ordered a first beta version of Wet Blanket!

I’m not sure if we’ve talked about Wet Blanket before in this blog…and if not then let me tell you! Wet Blanket is a card game we’ve been developing over the past couple months. The game is about a bunch of introverts that want to disrupt a big party so that it’ll break into smaller parties. They’ll accomplish this through devious tactics like throwing a stink bomb or launching fireworks off in the garage. One wins the game by having the most players in their own smaller party by the time everyone has left the prime party. We’ll be showing off the beta version of the game at the Conference next month! Here’s one of the cards just to let you know we’re for real!


It’s a heck of a lot of fun to play for people that feel uncomfortable at parties like me. Hopefully it’ll be fun for people that love to party as well. We’ll see!

Anyway! Collider is spreading and Egypt is making progress as well. Hexapod Defense Force is still out there as well and we might be making some updates to it soon…with fingers crossed! BOCO is out there as well to play and it’s a fun game to try with friends.

Thanks for sticking with the Binary Cocoa train everyone! It means a lot to us. Stick with us for more news to come soon!

We Got Into Another Bundle!

Hey everyone! Collider has been featured in another bundle! You can find it at Daily Indie Bundle today. It’s got a bunch of awesome games in it so you should check it out! We really appreciate Daily Indie Bundle including us in their global domination schemes. Hope we can still make games in the future because it sure has been fun. Help us spread the word by buying indie games and keeping the community alive!

Binary Cocoa Wears Cheese Tofu Toupees

Cheese tofu toupees don’t actually exist in the real world. Some might even go so far as to say that Binary Cocoa doesn’t exist in the real world. Showing the deniers this website would only make them think that we got to you.

Joseph and I like to sing along to songs while we work. But we don’t only like to sing, we also like to change the lyrics to things about cheese or toupees because we’re awesome. The original title for this blog post was originally going to be Binary Cocoa Prepares For Release Within Days, but naturally we went with the parody.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Bundle Stars Hidden Gems bundle! It was certainly a fantastic experience for us all and we’re very grateful for the opportunity. Let us know what you think of Collider! We hope to have over the network multiplayer in the near future. It’s much trickier than we had previously imagined so if you have any tips let us know!

Our super secret Egypt project is also under way! We’ve made some big advancements in the past week as well. We have a menu that’s almost fully functional and are working on integrating maps that I’ve been building with Tiled. Check back soon to see what we’ve been doing!

Say hi to Jerry in the banner up top on your way out!


Binary Cocoa Unleashes Sigmund the Dragon!

Lately I’ve been “coding” with GameSalad and I’ve learned a couple things. One is that GameSalad can make some neat stuff pretty quickly and the other is that they have a couple bugs to work out in their software still. Not a bad program at all! Just a little buggy. I put together a short runner game about a dragon that chases a knight back to his castle. It is uploaded and you can play it here!

Here’s some screen shots of the game if you wish to see them:

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 7.05.42 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 7.08.51 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 7.10.24 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 7.12.14 PM

Try the game out and let us know what you think! It’s not our best work but it was fun to build and it gave us a laugh or two.

Binary Cocoa Gets Into Their First Bundle

We’ve been put in a bundle at Bundle Stars! We’d like to thank everyone at Bundle Stars for their hard work and generous offer. The other games in the bundle are pretty awesome too! You can check it out here. This is our first bundle that we’ve been in! It’s exciting and nerve racking at the same time due to it being a new experience. Let us know what you think of Collider! We’d love to hear your feedback!