SLAMORAMA Slams On Kickstarter!

SLAMORAMA has been on Kickstarter for 6 days now and is doing pretty well! We are 39% funded and couldn’t be more happy with the progress so far. We’re almost there! There’s still time to get an early bird copy for $8 +shipping if you’re on the fence! Or get the awesome bundle with Straight 4, Frog Chess, Wet Blanket and SLAMORAMA of course. We promise this game will be you countless joyous days of Read more…

SLAMORAMA is Live On Kickstarter!

SLAMORAMA is out today! It is our latest game about wrestlers trying to win the most pins, or rounds. Pit your best moves against your friends, whether it be a headlock, slap, punch, kick or special move! Check out the campaign and its awesome tiers. We’ve included a couple bundles with our other awesome games such as Frog Chess, Straight 4 and Wet Blanket!

Straight 4 Now Available

For the upcoming conferences, we wanted to make sure we had some new games to show off, and we finally got one finished, produced, and ready for the world to see. The game is called Straight 4 and is a deceptively simple strategy game. Only taking a minute or two to learn, the game quickly shows just how deep it is as both players struggle to align their four pieces into a line. For more Read more…

Kofre’s Curse is Live on Kickstarter

Hey everyone! It’s taken us about five years to finish this game but it’s finally ready! Kofre’s Curse is a light RPG set in 19th century Egypt where work cooperatively with friends to excavate a pyramid full of traps, treasures and monsters. Early bird slots get you the game for 20$ plus shipping! Please check out the campaign and leave me some feedback if you so desire!

Salt Lake Gaming Con 2018 Recap

Salt Lake Gaming Con was fun! We met many awesome people and played many games. We had a larger variety of games than ever before and made some new friends while meeting up with some old ones! Frog Chess was a big hit as well as BOCO, and we are pleased to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Kofre’s Curse will launch on August 8th! Here is a piece of the video that will be Read more…