Straight 4 Now Available

For the upcoming conferences, we wanted to make sure we had some new games to show off, and we finally got one finished, produced, and ready for the world to see. The game is called Straight 4 and is a deceptively simple strategy game. Only taking a minute or two to learn, the game quickly shows just how deep it is as both players struggle to align their four pieces into a line.

Isn’t it just so pretty?

For more info on the game visit its page on our site. If you would like to grab one right away, you can do so at our store. Also, because we’re super excited about it, we’re letting the first few orders from our store get it (and any other items in that order) at a 25% discount. Just use the promo code NEWSTUFF4ME during checkout. If you already missed out, sorry! You might just need to be quicker to the draw next time.

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