Match Heads is coming to Mac/PC/Linux and Mobile soon! We released a trailer for the game last week and we’re excited to see what people think of the game. Check it out while it’s hot!

We’re currently in the process of pushing the game to various platforms which can usually take some time, but we’re zeroing in on a release date as we speak. We had several play-testers try the game and from studying the results we concluded that people enjoyed the game overall! We’re interested to see how a larger audience reacts.

Other News

As far as other Binary Cocoa things go we are steadily working on a whole new line of new games, while ramping up to order more copies of our already released titles. We also bought a laser etcher to help us with our game piece creation. We’re looking to becomes somewhat more self reliant when it comes to assembling our games. We won’t be able to produce our own boxes for a while, but we’ll have a good time making the smaller bits to start out with. Fun times ahead!

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