Brian Teaches How to Play Trolls Eat Moles!

Recently Brian and Stephen attended the Tucson Comic Con and it was fun! We met lots of fun people, ate some good food truck food and played many new games that Brian has been creating over the past year. The above video has Brian explaining how to play one of his latest creations, Trolls Eat Moles!

Trolls Eat Moles takes on the old rock/paper/scissors trope and totally takes it to the next level. In this game the trolls eat the moles, while the moles eat the holes, and the holes eat the trolls. It basically comes down to being a game of cat and mouse in the end, which was one of the funnest parts for myself (Stephen). Come out to see us to try it out!

We would also like to thank Bookman’s for sponsoring us. Thank you for the badges and for being so enthusiastic about play testing our new games!

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