BOCO Gets Re-imagined!

Well folks, its been a long time since we’ve posted! We went through a long year of conferences and production on our games and needed a much earned rest. The time has come once again to make games!

A little while ago we made a little game called BOCO. The initial build was an app that allowed the people to play the game together on their phones. We pondered the game for a while and now we have decided to make it into a physical table top game! Here are a couple shots of the production:

Click here to watch a video of a BOCO board being made!

We have a couple friends that are really good at using CNC machines and are making a prototype for us at the moment! The game is a little like the game GO, where you must surround your opponent on all sides using triangles and squares. We plan on taking it to the Salt Lake Gaming Conference this June and we’re looking forward to seeing how people respond to it. It should be fun! We have a couple other games in development as well but are not ready to show off yet.


We have Salt Lake Gaming Con and OpenWest that we will be attending in the upcoming months and hopefully we will attend more afterword. Stop by and say hi if you get some time!


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