Get Collider For Only $2.99

Collider’s price has been dropped to $2.99! Indefinitely! Head on over to it’s Steam page to pick up a copy and battle it out with the bots and your friends! Also enjoy the newest game mode, Serpentine in all it’s snake like glory. We hope you enjoy it!

As for other Binary Cocoa things we’re just making plans for Saltcon next month. We’ve been trying to figure out how to use time the most effectively there, what to bring and where we’ll sleep at night. It’s going to be pretty wild! We’ve heard nothing but good things about it since we’ve signed up to have a booth there. We’ll be bringing Wet Blanket and Soggy Biscuit so if you haven’t had the chance to try them out yet this is would be a good opportunity!

Stephen has been doing lots of soundtrack music lately for a dungeon builder game that our friend Thomas has been working on. Check it out on Steam Greenlight and throw it a vote if you feel so inclined! Thanks for being here!

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