Binary Cocoa is back at it with the force of ten thousand rhinos! We set up our booth better than we ever have before and we feel like it was time well spent. For reasons unknown to us we were super productive this year so far and we have come out with several new games! Some are finished and others are still being produced. We also brought some of our older games and some people remembered those. Lets talk about the games!

Frog Chess

Frog chess is a game where you jump each other’s frogs and the last one to be able to jump wins the game. It’s checkers meets chess meets leap frog, and it’s amazing. We came into the conference with 25 copies of the game to sell and we left with only one copy in tow!


BOCO is a game that we developed a couple years ago as a phone app and we decided to try it out as a physical game. So what did what any modest game developer would do and made a giant prototype of the game for everyone to play on. The response seemed to be extremely positive!

Kofre’s Curse

Kofre’s Curse is a light RPG where you cooperatively work with other players to excavate a pyramid. Together you hunt for treasure, surpass monsters and traps and defeat the boss that emerges from his tomb once you reach the end. Think Dungeons and Dragons meets Forbidden Island meets Egyptian mythology. We plan on Kickstarting this game soon!

War Cans

War Cans is a new game that is chess meets sorting your canned food collection. You stack cans, and whoever’s can is on top controls the stack. Whoever tops all the cans with their cans wins the game! We printed this game in large size and used tuna cans to test this game out. Thankfully we brought lunch money and didn’t have to eat the cat food for lunch.

Glacial Skies

Glacial Skies is the main video game that we are developing at the moment. It includes players manning a submarine where each player is in charge of the sub’s functions, whether it be navigation, sonar or the weapons. This is our first game that will have people playing over the network and we are pretty psyched about it! More info to come on this one soon!


Phinacci is a numbers based card game that is derived from the Fibonacci sequence. The cards are completed and beautiful and hopefully we will have more news and info on this one to come soon!

Wet Blanket

Once again we brought Wet Blanket to show conference goers and it we feel that it resonated pretty well with most people there. It’s unique humor provided some laughs and sparked much conversation about what we should do with our hands at parties.

So many games within so many months! We finally feel like we are becoming a store, which is exactly what we wanted to be when we started the company so many years ago. We’d like to thank everyone that came out to support us, particularly Andrew, David and Colton! Thanks to everyone for helping us have a good time!

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