Binary Cocoa Finds Their Funky Flow

So much news! Wet Blanket decks should be ordered this week and sent out to backers! The shirts are also completed and are being ordered this week as well! It’s a Christmas miracle! Let’s all celebrate by watching that one Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where he beats up a bunch of people so he can get a toy doll for his son.

I’m keeping a note of that for the christmas Wet Blanket expansion if we ever make one.

Serpentine is also being worked on! Bots actually die properly now! We’re hoping to release that within a week or two on Steam. Yay!

Joseph and Stephen are exploring Godot to see if it’s unique engine will help us make games more swiftly. It has neat lighting engines that will hopefully bring much moodiness to Egypt. We’ll see what happens! That is all for now. Thanks again for being here!

New Junk Coming Soon!

We’ve some pretty exciting stuff coming out this week! First of all we’ll have some shirts for Wet Blanket! Here’s the design we’ve been throwing around:

blueshirt purpleshirt

We’ll have a good variety of colors for the shirts and might even have some hoodies as well! We’re also designing some mugs because…well, we’re Binary Cocoa and it just sounded appropriate. Fun times! I’m not exactly sure when they’ll be available this week but I’ll post something here on the blog and our Twitter page when it goes down. Thanks for sticking with us!

End of November Update!

Hey everyone! We’ve been giving our site quite a bit of love lately! It’s almost where we want it and are pretty happy with it so far. There’s tons of games for sale if you want to check those out!

Sorry, I’m not sure if I should be hawking things here in the blog. Let me talk about the games!

Wet Blanket is coming out soon! It should be out sometime in December for all those that want to share the awkwardness with everyone they love or just tolerate. We’ve been revising and revising again because unlike digital games, you can’t update physical copies after release. So hopefully they are good to go upon release! We apologize in advance if there are any defects. We are only humans aspiring to be half-robot.

Collider is hopefully getting an update with the new Serpentine mode soon! It’s pretty much done, just needs a graphic and some more functionality. We have’t cracked network multiplayer but we hope that one day it will reveal itself! Soon!

Also, Braxton got a haircut. Good for him.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Binary Cocoa news next week!

Wet Blanket News!

Hey everyone! Wet Blanket is finished and should be ordered this week! The expansion deck is very close to being completed as well (it just needs some iconography work). We had a good time play testing it with some friends at the local library last Saturday which went very well. Much party destroying happened and we’re all better introverts for it.

We’ve got so many games in development right now it makes my head spin just thinking about it. Let me try to put in a plug for all of them:

Egypt: We’ve actually been waiting to develop more on this one since Wet Blanket has been a high priority. The menu looks dang good though!

Wet Blanket: This one is on fire and almost out the door! Expect it to be under the tree this December! Gah!

Super Secret Space Jets Game: It’s not actually called that, but we’ll go with that for now. It’s early in development but the space jets shoot and enemies die! It’s great! Here’s a screen cap:


Boom! So many bullets and destruction. Cool!

Collider: Braxton has been working on a new game mode for this one. We’ve also put in much time contemplating how to do multiplayer over the network but it’s proven to be quite the task. Soon though!

Hexapod Defense Force: This game on currently on Steam Greenlight! Joseph has put in a good amount of time getting the game running again and that one is ready to go! We just need votes!

These games are our main focus at the moment, and hopefully we will have more good news to come in the new year. Things are looking good though! We’ll keep pushing ahead! As always, thanks for sticking with us.

Steam Greenlight and Indiegogo campaigns for Hexapod Defense Force are live!

It is true! We proudly present you the campaigns for Hexapod Defense Force, a game about punching aliens in the face with missiles! Check out the Steam Greenlight campaign here, and the Indiegogo campaign can be found here! Your contribution could help us stock the cheeto vending machine…if we had one!! Here’s the trailer for the game!

Hexapod Defense Force is the very first game we ever made! It has some flaws to it so we’re hoping that by campaigning it we can improve the graphics and gameplay, add a plethora of weapons, some new levels and possibly online multiplayer if we’re feeling crazy enough! We’re coming right off the heels of a successful Wet Blanket Kickstarter campaign so we confident that we can deliver this game in a timely fashion without any major holdups. The game is basically done! Just needs some more love. Thanks again for sticking with us!

Binary Cocoa Rides Into the Danger Zone

There have been lots of fun marketing meetings going on lately! We’ve never really marketed before so this is a scary and exciting time for us. Most of the talk is about Wet Blanket but there are rumors on the horizon of bigger things. Hopefully anyway!

Wet Blanket is progressing pretty much every day and we’ll be shipping out soon! Just need to fix up some things and that should be good to go. Everyone should be able to experience Wet Blanket and its accompanying expansion The Soggy Biscuit Expansion in December! Fun times! Take that parties! Ha!

Stephen has also been working on some art for a new game about jets flying in space and planets. It’s really coming together! Here’s a screenshot if you’d like to take a gander:


Lots of lasers and explosions coming soon! Big things ahead here at Binary Cocoa! Stick with us and we won’t let you down!

Time To Rock!

Binary Cocoa is rockin’!!!

Actually I just play the guitar sometimes while I’m in between tasks. Binary Cocoa does have a lot going on though! Stephen has completed the expansion set to Wet Blanket! All he has to do now is make the backer cards for those that ordered them and whip up a couple shirt designs. Then that game can roll out!

In other news Joseph and Braxton are getting closer to having Serpentine done for Collider and players will have a new game mode to try! No network multiplayer yet but they are closing in on that as well. Collider is a tough game to implement multiplayer in so we’ll just have to see what happens with that.

Egypt is seemingly coming along as well! Little by little. There isn’t much development going on with it right now since everyone is so busy. Someday though! Have you noticed our fancy new site? There’s still some work to be done on it but it’s coming along. Thanks for being here!

Fully Revamped Website Soon!

Hey everyone! We’ve spent the past week doing pixel art stuff and even some development on Collider! We have a new game mode called Serpentine coming out soon and it’s going to be great. It’s hard to describe without showing people, but it involves linking chains of squares, stealing your opponent’s squares and surviving with the most amount of squares. That probably makes no sense!

Stephen has been working full time on the Wet Blanket things. He has the expansion set almost fully colored and will be finishing up the other things hopefully this week. Here’s a snippet of what the expansion set might entail:


Everyone loves astronauts. Unless they’re jerks. They mostly reside in space so it’s hard to tell sometimes.

The website is also being reworked this week and should look different sometime soon! We’ll have all our games up for sale and that should make them easier to find. Got any suggestions for our site? Let us know!

Pixel Art Explosions and Collider Collisions

There have been many explosions going off at Binary Cocoa this week! Mostly animated pixel art explosions in Tiled. Stephen has been pixel arting his brains out and is loving every minute of it. Too bad his code skills are still not up to snuff otherwise he would have made six games by now (not that they would have been super great). Here’s a screenshot of a top down dungeon searcher game he was fixing up in Tiled:


It needs some work still but it’s getting somewhere!

In other Binary Cocoa news there has been an update to Collider that people can get through Steam! Joseph and Braxton did a major overhaul to the collisions system in the game and it runs much smoother now.  We’ve found ourselves on a couple torrent sites, and we’re flattered, but we want everyone to have the latest version which can be found on Steam. We’re getting close to releasing a new game mode called Serpentine and it is awesome. It might even be our first multiplayer over the network mode if we’re lucky enough! We know that many of you have been asking for this and we are listening. We just don’t know all the hows and whens yet.

Wet Blanket is also on its way! Stephen sat down today and did a good art chunk today and that’s looking spiffy as well. Should arrive in December! Keep your ears to the ground! Watch out for trains though.