More Wet Blanket News!

Hey everyone! Things have been going quite swimmingly with Wet Blanket over the past couple of days. There’s still 11 days left to make a difference if you want this game about not making friends! We’ve been making some updates as we’ve been play testing the game and we hope they make the game flow better. People have been super kind to us thus far. Help us spread the word!

In the meantime Stephen has been working on some new art for Hexapod Defense Force! We figured that since Stephen(me) has sort of improved at art over the past couple years that HDF might benefit from having some spiffy new art. Here’s a sneak peak!


I rendered this space jet in Blender and then I screenshot a render of it. It was super fun! I’ll be using lots of Blender models when I update HDF and I think it’ll make the game look more slick. At least I hope so. Results have been decent thus far.

Egypt is also improving! Joseph has been pondering on how to improve our lighting system and his brain has come up with some answers. Braxton usually lurks in the background and pushes bug code sometimes.

Check back in soon for more Binary Cocoa goodness!

Binary Cocoa Puts On Their Teacher Pants

I used to teach middle school so I know what teacher pants feel like. Lots of chalk stains, marker stains, puke stains, and a whole lot of sagging from walking around a classroom all day. Not a bad life!

Joseph has been approved to teach a class about game development this year at the OpenWest conference! He will be teaching young and old the basics of Lua and game development, so come on down and see us! We’ll also have the booth there will all sorts of cool stuff. The arcade cabinet will be set up as always which has always been a joy for us to see people try our game and give us feedback. The conference is July 13-16 and we absolutely cannot wait! There will also be a presentation by us about online multiplayer game development on Friday during the conference.


Check out the conference details here.

Binary Cocoa Goes Super ROYGBIV

What a confusing title. For real. I guess you’ll just have to play Collider when it comes out to understand! Actually, let me just tell you about it because I’m no good with keeping spoilers in.

Snape kills Chewbacca.

Just kidding, that’s a whole different thing. We’ve implemented a new colorful background in Collider that shifts colors and follows the beats per minute from the songs on the soundtrack! It’s pretty hypnotic, but not enough to completely distract the player from the actual game. It certainly fills up the blank space though!

We’ve also implemented a point keeping system that also indicates which player is in the lead. It adds a more competitive element to the game that ups the energy by miles and miles. It also helps single players compete against themselves, which can be rewarding. We’ll have a high score element added soon as well. So many things!

Other work has been slowed by holidays and other unforeseen events, but we will be up and running soon we hope! Stephen’s pet project has been coming together quite nicely and we hope to post some screenshots soon. It’ll have lots of sword slashing, pistol whipping and hopefully some bombs! We’ll see. It’s been a couple years coming but it looks like it will hopefully get off the ground soon!

What other things are happening…?

Joseph was kind to Stephen and got him an auxiliary port in his car so he doesn’t have to burn cds like a peasant anymore. Funny how all we want in our cars anymore is a tiny hole instead of a massive console of obsoleteness. It sure sounds good!

Joseph got some bags of chips for Christmas. They are super delicious!

Anyway, thank you all very much for reading! We certainly do appreciate any attention that we get. See you soon, my friends!


Binary Cocoa Gets Trendy

We have a hot chocolate maker! Well, a water boiler actually, but we have hot chocolate packets and those are super nice. Salted caramel is the winner in our minds.

On to Binary Cocoa things. We’re almost finished with Collider! We’ve been saying that for a while but it’s finally starting to feel complete. Core Defense is the last game mode that we’ve been chipping away at and we’re close to getting all the bugs out. Actually, I can only think of one major bug it has but it should be easy to resolve. It’s proven to be more difficult to code than all of the other modes because of the several different power ups and node types it contains. I asked Joseph if the latter statement was true and he gave a very stress stricken “yes”, with much anguish in his voice. I played the latest build this morning and it made me sweat many bullets of anxiety. You know it’s a good game when your blood boils!

Stephen has been working on another game in the meantime and it’s coming along quite nicely. It has some procedurally generated maps that change every time you go into them. It makes me get lost every time. Basically it randomly assembles around 30 maps in a random order to make a maze. I get lost pretty much every time.

Jesse Horne was a crucial factor in making this monster live! He came to Rexburg for a couple of days and put in a great deal of hours to get this mystery game working. Hope we can have a trailer soon! We’re kind of slowing the work on it until we can get Collider out the door. Then we’ll make sure Vikings gets done as well.

So much to do. And it’s all awesome. 

Binary Cocoa Ups the Ante

Lots of new things have happened this week! Joseph said we couldn’t install firemen’s poles but that we could continue to work on Collider. His reasoning against the poles included something about what other people would think when they saw our office.

Whatevs. He’s probably right.

Braxton has been muscling the development work on Collider and has made some really colorful advancements! Since it would take a lot of paragraphs to explain what they are let me sum them up in a screen shot:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.01.48 PM

Basically you defend the core from invaders and you set up a lot of nodes that connect to protect it. The yingyang looking power up is a replicator node that replicates another node type. It replicates for a couple seconds, pauses, and then replicates a different type. It can prove to be a strong ally in the game, but also a setback as it does pause and let enemies in every now and then. One must be wise with these things. Or just get a thousand of them. That seems to work too.

Stephen has also been creating much artwork for a still untitled game that’s in the works! Here’s a little taste of what’s to come:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.22.43 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.07.15 PM

Our good friend Jesse Horne will be coming out for a couple days to help begin the code with this game. This is going extremely helpful since our two main developers both have day jobs and Stephen has no coding skills…yet.


Anyway, we’ll be rolling out the coding sessions soon and doing all sorts of fun things in the months to come. We got a new trash can for the office and that’s pretty cool. I guess we can buy more string cheese now that we can throw the wrappers away.

Well! See you all soon!

Office Pictures!

It was pretty apparent in the last post that we built up a lot of hype around our new office but didn’t show any pictures of it. I’m here to remedy that! Feast your eyes on the beauty:

Let’s start off with a shot of our elegant Collider poster hanging on the wall to keep us inspired…


We even have a sign on the front door!


Here’s a broken up panorama of our desks. I’m not very good at taking these shots.


Lastly, here is our arcade cabinet set up in the corner for now. We hope we can get it out around the town for people to play on at some point. For now it’s safely nested here with us!


Well, there you have it. There’s a glimpse into our humble home away from home. We don’t have a window, but sunlight makes us turn into dust anyway.

As for other things Binary Cocoa, we’ve been honing in our focus on getting Collider out the door by mid November! The list of bugs is growing ever smaller and the fun is ever increasing. We’ll be streaming a couple of our coding sessions and we hope you’ll tag along for some lua goodness. Soon we’ll be tackling a bug that has confused us so much we’re going to be recording gameplay to catch it in the act. If you’re feeling your inner sleuth calling this will be the sessions to watch for you! Catch us here.

See you then!