Planning ahead is critical in this unforgiving strategy game for 2 to 4 players.

Match Heads

What is this game? Match Heads is a single player or cooperative set collecting game where you have a bunch of mixed up heads that you need to reassemble. Once you complete all

Wet Blanket

A game about not making friends. Drive party-goers away from the main party to your own party. Whoever has the most people in their own party when the main party is empty wins.

Straight 4

Easy to learn, deceptively strategic. Simply try to get your four pieces in a row before your opponent. Designed to be very small and portable, this is the perfect game when on the


Asteroids Meets Pie Charts Control a ship with a multi-directional turret and battle it out against friends or AI in several different game modes, each contained within a circular arena. Party Hard With

Hexapod Defense Force

We are rebuilding and revamping this game! Get it now for $3.00 and get the rebuild when it is completed! Humanity’s last hope, a colony on a distant planet, is under siege!  Defend the colony – defeat the invaders! Across three

Frog Chess

Unique strategy blends with simple gameplay in this game for 2 or 3 players.


A lucha libre card game of wits with 3 ways to play. Pick a wrestler and outwit your opponents to win the most cards. Plays well with 2-4 players.

Sewer Rat

You’re smart, you’re resourceful, and at times you’re shrewed. Your kind is the second most successful creature on this planet next to humans. To some you’re a dinner item waiting to be grasped


Contents: 80 cards / 100 pebbles / Directions Number of players: 2-6 players Object of the game: To capture the most pebbles.  Starting: Cards are shuffled and each player draws three cards. A card is drawn from

Trolls Eat Moles

‘Trolls eat Moles’ uses the ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ concept and made it into a board game. Three people play this game. It is a game that requires strategy, diplomatic maneuvering, and luck.  Object of the


For 2 to 4 players, this game stretches your mind as you try to consolidate all of your pieces into one stack.


Nature’s Card Game: The magic of nature’s patterns can be written in the language of numbers. The Phinacci game has taken that numbering pattern and made a card game out of it. How

War Cans

Wars Cans is a multidimensional strategy game where your pieces move based on their composition. Whoever is at the top of a stack controls the entire stack. The game is over when only


Coming Soon! Cruisin’ is a 4 player game where players assemble cruise liners by matching sets of cards. The person that gets the most sets wins the game! This game is currently in

Viking Escape

Viking Escape is a game we are developing where you help vikings navigate a cave in a ship. The cave is slowly flooding so you must save your friends and sheep before everything

Wrestling Cubes

Last Move Wins! Making the last move is how you win this game. Each player has six cubes that can slide, push and spin. Each cube starts out with the ability to move

King’s Traverse

Object of the game The object is to capture your opponent’s four kings. What might feel like an advanced form of checkers will surprise you in its complexity of moves and strategy. It

BOCO (Digital Version)

Objective You win when you surround your opponent on every side of their colored space or spaces with your colored spaces. It is possible to tie in this game. Playing the game Play


400x is a microscopic shooter. Travel through the body and defend your host against all manner of damage. Repair damaged tissue and destroy infection and prevent the spread of viruses. This is game

Kofre’s Curse

Coming to Kickstarter Soon! A sudden wind blows through the entrance of Kofre’s tomb as you brush dust off the ancient scrolls you just came across. Suddenly the flames of the torches go

Glacial Skies

This is game is still in development but we do not have a target release date yet.