Hexapod Defense Force

We are rebuilding and revamping this game! Get it now for $3.00 and get the rebuild when it is completed!

Humanity’s last hope, a colony on a distant planet, is under siege! 

Defend the colony – defeat the invaders! Across three landscapes, each with unique challenges and enemies, battle wave after wave in endless mode or fight for mankind’s survival in story mode.

Easy to learn + fun to play 

Start playing in less than a minute, spend days striving for the perfect game.

Challenging and unique gameplay 

Snarl the Space Centipede boss!

Unlock over 20 achievements. Battle enemies and yourself as gravity works against you. Enemies don’t appear in a fixed way or in any particular order, giving the player a new experience each game.

Defend the colony – defeat the invaders! 

Killer bees!