Bullrings game example

Your opponent picks where you start.

You reunite your pieces into one stack.

Every game of Bullrings forces you to pick a different approach.

Your opponent places your six pieces on the board on any space they want. Your task is to reunite your pieces into one stack. The first one to do so wins.

Players start with six numbered pieces; one (1), two (2), and three (3). The numbers on the pieces indicate the number of spaces a piece can travel. Pieces can pass over their own or their opponent’s pieces, but cannot land on a dot occupied by an opponent, only their own. When a player lands on their own piece it is combined into a stack with the top piece number representing the number of moves that stack can travel. Players can have multiple stacks as they are striving for their single stack.

This simple and easy-to-learn game will surprise you with how fun it is to discover the complexity of moves and strategies that will keep this game fresh and challenging.