Asteroids Meets Pie Charts

Control a ship with a multi-directional turret and battle it out against friends or AI in several different game modes, each contained within a circular arena.

Party Hard

With support for up to 8 players on a single machine, Collider is the perfect party game. Grab some pizza and make room on the couch.

Competitive or Cooperative

Five unique game modes support competitive and cooperative gameplay, each bringing a new challenge.

Heart-Pumping Soundtrack

Exciting electronic tracks from the talented Stephen Gygi, who created the art for Hexapod Defense Force and the soundtrack for BOCO. The tracks are also included as MP3 files to listen to in the Steam Music Player or to listen to in whatever player you like.


Drop in new game modes created by the community, or create your own!

Just one more try

High Scores for each game mode add replayability and a goal to shoot for. Pun intended.

Gamepad Support

Compatible with any of your favorite dual-stick controllers, just plug and play.

WindowsMac OS XSteamOS + Linux