Binary Cocoa Puts On Their Teacher Pants

I used to teach middle school so I know what teacher pants feel like. Lots of chalk stains, marker stains, puke stains, and a whole lot of sagging from walking around a classroom all day. Not a bad life!

Joseph has been approved to teach a class about game development this year at the OpenWest conference! He will be teaching young and old the basics of Lua and game development, so come on down and see us! We’ll also have the booth there will all sorts of cool stuff. The arcade cabinet will be set up as always which has always been a joy for us to see people try our game and give us feedback. The conference is July 13-16 and we absolutely cannot wait! There will also be a presentation by us about online multiplayer game development on Friday during the conference.


Check out the conference details here.

Binary Cocoa: No Marshmallows In This Mug

Cool guys alway drink their hot chocolate sans marshmallows. Marshmallows melt when the explosions go off.

We’ve been working our backsides here at Binary Cocoa the past couple of days! The snake mode, or Serpentine if you want to call it by its code name, is shaping up really well. We even made a video of the incomplete version to show you how it’s coming along! See the outrageous amounts of action here:

Stephen and Joseph have been working more on GameSalad things on the side and we hope to have a smaller project done soon. We also have a dragon game and detective game that we’ve been fiddling with for a while now that are also taking shape. We wish we had time for everything!

Someday we will! Once we figure out quantum physics and can have several versions of ourselves working on different things. We’ll also have to figure out how to do it in the same reality. Might get a little awkward when it comes to figuring out who gets to take the car home from work.

Can you Skype to different realities?

Let us know in the comments!

Binary Cocoa Tries Snake Charming

We have a nifty new game mode that we’re trying to implement in Collider! It is very snake-like with a bunch of enemies that try to come in from all sides attempting to destroy you. The most exciting part about this game is that it will hopefully have a functioning over the network peer to peer multiplayer system! It’ll be the first one implemented for the game so far so we are super psyched about it. Hopefully it works!

Everything else seems to be going according to plan. The card game has been prototyped and prototyped again and we feel like it’s ready to be in its final form with fancy art and packaging. It just needs Stephen to sit down and draw them all out, which might take some time but he’s excited to do it. Free time is hard to come by these days! Sometimes that’s something to be grateful for. Here’s a picture of the very early prototype of the card game:


We are also planning and planning for the OpenWest conference! Joseph will be presenting this year and we’re hoping to have something new to show! That could either the card game or a fancy Egypt based game but we’re not sure which will be ready first. I guess we’ll see! We’ll also be bringing the arcade cabinet and the latest edition of Collider for people to try out. Exciting times are ahead!

Keep up with us to find out unravels!

Binary Cocoa Deals the Ace of Spades

So far as I know none of us at Binary Cocoa know how to play poker except Joseph, who is a poker kung fu master. None of us gamble or have much interest in hanging out around Las Vegas so I’m not sure where those skills would be needed. That being said…we do love card games! So much in fact that we’ve decided to make a card game of our own that represents our true introvert nature. We’re not ready to roll out with all the details yet but I thought I’d show everyone an early iteration of one of the cards:


The card looked a little childish so we’re going with a more mature look. The point of the card game is to break up a party and whoever collects the most attendees wins the game. You make people leave the party by playing cards that pique the characters anxieties, just like in real life. Look back here soon to find out more details! Introverts unite!

Binary Cocoa Tries the Salad

Lately I’ve been trying GameSalad to make some games for the iPad. This has been an amazing experiment for me because it allows me to build something without having a lot of coding knowledge. So far I’ve been able to build a top down shooter and a runner where a dragon chases and eats you if you’re not quick enough. Here’s a cap of the dragon chaser:

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.52.34 AM

As you can see, Sigmund the Dragon is chasing poor little Uther back to the castle from whence he came. It’s just a simple runner and it was pretty easy to put together by watching a couple tutorial videos. It runs pretty well and I’ve run into little problems.

The second game I’ve been assembling is a detective game where you shoot bad guys and get documents from computers spy style. Maybe you’re the bad guy in this game. Who knows? Here’s a screen cap:

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.16.09 PM

Anyway, GameSalad has been pretty good to me so far. It’s not without its drawbacks however. It consumes a lot of memory if you have a lot going on and doesn’t deal well with getting rid of actors or entities or whatever you call them yet. So over time the game continually increases in size unless you reset the game. This mostly shows up in endless games and doesn’t affect games with levels very much. I also wish they would alphabetize their attribute lists so I can find things more easily.

Anyway! I would recommend GameSalad to anyone who wants to get into game dev but doesn’t have a vast amount of coding knowledge, like me. For those that know how to develop I would probably recommend looking for something more code friendly. Any thought on GameSalad? let us know!

Binary Cocoa Becomes a League Of Samurai Masters

Do you become a samurai once you’ve eaten at a Japanese hibachi grill? I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works but the food was delicious when we ate there a couple weeks ago. We are also grateful that they decided to have our picture put up on the wall:

japanese grill

Now we are legends.

Things are going well at Binary Cocoa! We’re preparing for the OpenWest conference this summer and we hope to have a new game to show! That means we’ll have to be ready in two months but we might be able to pull it off. Hopefully. I’m optimistic.

We’ll also be bringing down Collider to show off to everyone that played it last year and helped helped us get green lit on Steam. Thanks everyone! We hope everyone will enjoy the changes we’ve made over the year and will acknowledge all the sweat and tears that we’ve poured into it. We also can’t wait to see the bots mercilessly pound everyone hopes and dreams to dust.

…in a loving way.

We’ve also been delving into phone game development on the side! We’re not sure how much we’re going to be doing this but it sure has been fun so far. It’s very different than developing with lua and Löve 2D we’ll tell you that much. We’ve learned a lot in the process however and it has kept us on our toes! Keep up with the blog to see what we come up with!