Binary Cocoa: No Marshmallows In This Mug

Cool guys alway drink their hot chocolate sans marshmallows. Marshmallows melt when the explosions go off.

We’ve been working our backsides here at Binary Cocoa the past couple of days! The snake mode, or Serpentine if you want to call it by its code name, is shaping up really well. We even made a video of the incomplete version to show you how it’s coming along! See the outrageous amounts of action here:

Stephen and Joseph have been working more on GameSalad things on the side and we hope to have a smaller project done soon. We also have a dragon game and detective game that we’ve been fiddling with for a while now that are also taking shape. We wish we had time for everything!

Someday we will! Once we figure out quantum physics and can have several versions of ourselves working on different things. We’ll also have to figure out how to do it in the same reality. Might get a little awkward when it comes to figuring out who gets to take the car home from work.

Can you Skype to different realities?

Let us know in the comments!

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