Binary Cocoa Tries Snake Charming

We have a nifty new game mode that we’re trying to implement in Collider! It is very snake-like with a bunch of enemies that try to come in from all sides attempting to destroy you. The most exciting part about this game is that it will hopefully have a functioning over the network peer to peer multiplayer system! It’ll be the first one implemented for the game so far so we are super psyched about it. Hopefully it works!

Everything else seems to be going according to plan. The card game has been prototyped and prototyped again and we feel like it’s ready to be in its final form with fancy art and packaging. It just needs Stephen to sit down and draw them all out, which might take some time but he’s excited to do it. Free time is hard to come by these days! Sometimes that’s something to be grateful for. Here’s a picture of the very early prototype of the card game:


We are also planning and planning for the OpenWest conference! Joseph will be presenting this year and we’re hoping to have something new to show! That could either the card game or a fancy Egypt based game but we’re not sure which will be ready first. I guess we’ll see! We’ll also be bringing the arcade cabinet and the latest edition of Collider for people to try out. Exciting times are ahead!

Keep up with us to find out unravels!

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