Binary Cocoa Deals the Ace of Spades

So far as I know none of us at Binary Cocoa know how to play poker except Joseph, who is a poker kung fu master. None of us gamble or have much interest in hanging out around Las Vegas so I’m not sure where those skills would be needed. That being said…we do love card games! So much in fact that we’ve decided to make a card game of our own that represents our true introvert nature. We’re not ready to roll out with all the details yet but I thought I’d show everyone an early iteration of one of the cards:


The card looked a little childish so we’re going with a more mature look. The point of the card game is to break up a party and whoever collects the most attendees wins the game. You make people leave the party by playing cards that pique the characters anxieties, just like in real life. Look back here soon to find out more details! Introverts unite!

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