Binary Cocoa Battles With the Bots

In our last post we spoke of awakening the bots from a terrifying robot sleep. This week we have come to report that they are alive and working! They are no longer the bumbling buffoons they once were. Now they are unforgiving bruisers with fangs of pain! Here’s a fun video showing a battle between myself (the first one that dies) and the rest of the bots.

You can see how vicious they can be, but as hard as they are they can still be beaten! We pushed out the update on Steam a couple days ago and we hope people enjoy the madness. They make the game a lot more fun in single player mode and allow players to access multiplayer modes without having to have to gather friends.

We are also in the process of developing a game mode that will allow players to play against each other over the network! It’s still early in development so there isn’t much to show yet, but we are super excited to get it working and out to the people. Stay tuned to see videos and pictures!

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