Binary Cocoa Accidentally Instigates the Robot Apocalypse

Sound the alarms! Binary Cocoa has done something irresponsible! Alert the Prime Minister of Kuwait!

Actually, we’re not up to anything rash. We’re not risky people. I’m pretty sure the most dangerous thing we’ve done here in the office was skip lunch once last month. Nobody was happy that day.

What we are up to is building bots for Collider! They are very cowardly at the moment and don’t put up much of a fight, but we figured that if we messed with their code enough they’ll be cool eventually. They mostly just hang out around the rims of the arenas far away from any harm and twitch sort of violently. We fear that if we give them too much artificial intelligence they’ll start demanding a salary and benefits. If we don’t give them enough intelligence they’ll start voting for Donald Trump. We need to find the sweet spot between them being wusses to them being apocalyptic horsemen.

We also have a new game mode being built! Think snake with sabotages and enemies attacking you. It’s shaping up pretty nicely as we get time work on it. We’re hoping to have it out before next month, which is when something exciting is going happen! I can’t tell what it is yet, but I’m constantly chomping at the bit to see how it goes. Check back soon to see what the surprise is!

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