In Development


Scramble to be the last cat alive in the middle of a busy highway. Anything can happen in this game, so be sure to look both ways and hope that you’re not on your 9th life. 2-6 players.

Sassy Soup (Digital)

Grab your spoon for this co-op word game using soup alphabet noodles to make recipe words. Every word formed earns a point to keep a player from swallowing a fly. The game ends when the bowl is empty, or everybody is choking on flies. 1-4 players.

Shadow Brume

This is a co-op game where players work together to kill an alien parasite that acts like a haunted house. It feeds on fear and knows how to bring out your worse fears in you. 2-6 players.

Witches’ Butter

This is a co-op game where players act as scientists collecting dangerous specimens in an infected rainforest. The specimen are highly contagious with a pathogen that eats them alive. Your goal is to find the cure before the world consumes itself. 2-6 players.


Be the first mad scientist with a mega ego to assemble from a monster cemetery body parts of vampires, zombies, werewolves, cyborgs and other unsavory creatures to create your monstrosity. 2-6 players.

InkSea (Digital)

Being an octopus is not an easy life when you’re a favorite menu item for many sea dwellers. You’ve spent 140 million years perfecting the art of evading and escaping predators. Who ever is not eaten wins! 1-4 players.

Flyder (Digital)

Players start out as flies that can turn into spiders if their flight path creates an enclosed area using any flight path’s segment. That enclosed area becomes a web to ensnare any flies within it. The largest web wins. 2-6 players.

Crashing Rhinos (Digital)

Crashing Rhinos is a demolition derby style game where rhinos knock each other off the board. Knock a rhino off the board and you grow in size. Leave a section of a board and it disappears. At the end of the game you have titan rhinos fighting it out on slivers of board. The last rhino standing is the winner. 1-4 players.


Players build poker hands to earn points on a triangular board. Four chips in a straight line forms a hand. It is possible to create up to three hands in a single turn. The player with most points wins. 2-4 players

Sewer Rat

Rats will go to any lengths of sewer pipes to collect cheese. They will dive into toilets, skirt around snakes, reroute plumbing and even double cross their own kind to get that last bit of morsel. The biggest hoarder of cheese wins. 2-4 players.

Trolls Eat Moles

You have a board game version of rock, paper, scissors where Trolls that eat Moles, Moles that dig Holes, and Holes that bury Trolls. And then there’s the Skulls that goes boom. This is a game of luck, treachery and mostly strategy. 3 people play this game.


Two teams play against each other in this wonderful learning game about Fibonacci’s numbers. A team wins by being the first to earn 144 points, each point coming from a captured card. 4 people play this game.

War Cans

Wars Cans is a multidimensional strategy game where your pieces move based on their composition. Whoever is at the top of a stack controls the entire stack. The game is over when only


Coming Soon! Cruisin’ is a 4 player game where players assemble cruise liners by matching sets of cards. The person that gets the most sets wins the game! This game is currently in

Viking Escape

Viking Escape is a game we are developing where you help vikings navigate a cave in a ship. The cave is slowly flooding so you must save your friends and sheep before everything

Wrestling Cubes

Throw their weight around with cubes that can slide, bump, push and spin. Each cube has 3 directional triangles that allow it to move in 3 directions. Cubes lose triangles when an opposing cube slides into it, thus reducing its ability to move. Let your opponent know that resistance is futile. Two players.

BOCO (Digital)

Surround your opponent with triangles, squares and rectangles in this geometric siege game before they surround you. If your are into quick games that challenge you, then this is your game. 1-2 players.

400X (Digital)

You are a Telesurgeon using nanobots to repair damaged tissue and destroy alien parasites inside the body of your astronaut. The success of the mission is on you to keep them alive, good luck. 1-4 players.

Kofre’s Curse

The’re trouble brewing in Egypt, and you’re in the middle of it. Northern Africa is hot, and not just weather wise…Kofre’s Curse is a cooperative treasure hunting game where you excavate a pyramid alongside heroes and possible criminals. Winners take home Kofre’s mountains of treasures! 2-6 players.

Glacial Skies

This is game is still in development but we do not have a target release date yet.