Binary Cocoa Unleashes Sigmund the Dragon!

Lately I’ve been “coding” with GameSalad and I’ve learned a couple things. One is that GameSalad can make some neat stuff pretty quickly and the other is that they have a couple bugs to work out in their software still. Not a bad program at all! Just a little buggy. I put together a short […]

Binary Cocoa Gets Into Their First Bundle

We’ve been put in a bundle at Bundle Stars! We’d like to thank everyone at Bundle Stars for their hard work and generous offer. The other games in the bundle are pretty awesome too! You can check it out here. This is our first bundle that we’ve been in! It’s exciting and nerve racking at […]

Binary Cocoa Pulls Another All Nighter

At Binary Cocoa we usually work until midnight on some days. But for the special event that we have coming up in a couple days we pulled an all nighter to get some bugs out of the code for Collider. Funny things happen at 3 or 4am in the morning. You get delirious. Things that […]

Binary Cocoa Happy Birthday to Me

This is what happens when Braxton names the blog posts. This week has been a busy one at Binary Cocoa. We’re getting closer to being done with a mobile game in GameSalad for a friend of ours. It should be done next week! We’re excited to see what people think about it when it comes […]