Binary Cocoa Pulls Another All Nighter

At Binary Cocoa we usually work until midnight on some days. But for the special event that we have coming up in a couple days we pulled an all nighter to get some bugs out of the code for Collider. Funny things happen at 3 or 4am in the morning. You get delirious. Things that aren’t funny are hilarious all of the sudden. Ultimately you fix the broken things but you feel like death the next morning.

Collider’s new Serpentine mode is shaping up really nicely and over the network multiplayer is under way as well! Our good friend Josef Patroski has been lending a good hand in getting that part done. The rest of us are slaving away at other things as well. We hope to have some of these projects off the table soon so we can focus our efforts on our games.

Open broadcasts coming soon as well! We really need to get on the ball with that. Further OpenWest conference updated details will be in the pipe as well. Stick with us!

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