Binary Cocoa Raises the Steaks

So much punny goodness/badness going on in the blog these days. Binary Cocoa has ben busy making jokes! We also had steak yesterday for dinner and it was delicious. When we are not making puns and awesome food we are making games!

We also hope to get back to a regular schedule of broadcasting our coding/art making sessions on youtube once we get a chance. We have a fancy upload speed which allows us to stream things pretty fancily but we haven’t been taking advantage of it lately. Hopefully we can get our marketing act together and reach out to more people soon!

The mobile app is winding down on its production and we’ll have more time for our main projects again. That will be super exciting. Coding in app purchases in GameSalad has certainly been a revelation. That’s one job we’ll probably be looking to outsource in the future for iOS devices. Android tends to be a little bit more friendly but we haven’t gotten to that process so if you have any tips or warning for us please let us know!

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