Binary Cocoa Happy Birthday to Me

This is what happens when Braxton names the blog posts.

This week has been a busy one at Binary Cocoa. We’re getting closer to being done with a mobile game in GameSalad for a friend of ours. It should be done next week! We’re excited to see what people think about it when it comes out. More info on that to come soon!

Finishing up the mobile app will allow us to concentrate more on the card game, the Egypt game and several other projects that we have going on at the moment. We wish we didn’t have to sleep or eat so that we could continuously work on these things. Someday when technology is good enough we’ll just replace a lot of our bodies components so we can do just that.

We’re gearing up for the conference as well! Stephen is pondering shirt designs and Joseph is pondering his class. It’s an exciting and somewhat stressful season. Mostly exciting. Keep up with us to see how things go!

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