It was pretty apparent in the last post that we built up a lot of hype around our new office but didn’t show any pictures of it. I’m here to remedy that! Feast your eyes on the beauty:

Let’s start off with a shot of our elegant Collider poster hanging on the wall to keep us inspired…


We even have a sign on the front door!


Here’s a broken up panorama of our desks. I’m not very good at taking these shots.


Lastly, here is our arcade cabinet set up in the corner for now. We hope we can get it out around the town for people to play on at some point. For now it’s safely nested here with us!


Well, there you have it. There’s a glimpse into our humble home away from home. We don’t have a window, but sunlight makes us turn into dust anyway.

As for other things Binary Cocoa, we’ve been honing in our focus on getting Collider out the door by mid November! The list of bugs is growing ever smaller and the fun is ever increasing. We’ll be streaming a couple of our coding sessions and we hope you’ll tag along for some lua goodness. Soon we’ll be tackling a bug that has confused us so much we’re going to be recording gameplay to catch it in the act. If you’re feeling your inner sleuth calling this will be the sessions to watch for you! Catch us here.

See you then!

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