Binary Cocoa has released their new game BOCO for PC, tablets and android devices at! You can also download the game for your mobile device and tablets on the google play store. We have been slaving the better part of 2014 to bring this game to light and are pleased to be able to share the results with everyone. Cream sodas all around!

Our major plan of attack is to show off the game at the Open West conference next month in Orem, Utah. There we will demo the game on tablets and plan to have a tournament where people will pit them selves against each other in the ultimate BOCO showdown of the century. Feel free to bring your chainmail and broad sword if it helps you feel like more of a gaming warrior. Just don’t kill anyone. Come out and share this most triumphant moment with us!

Here is what the final game looks like:

11 12 13

As for our other games we are putting more effort into IT Simulator, which is getting some more characters like this guy:


And this kid that whacks everything with a baseball bat:


We’re also doing some major level overhauls and adding more environments to make it more diverse. We also have a player select menu that should have people reminiscing on the old days of Street Fighter 2. Those certainly were the cool times.

Collider is is being steadily worked on by Joseph and Braden while Kawata and Stephen work on IT Simulator and Metanet Hunter:Battle. We have the first bosses for Battle working and are super happy with the results that you can see here:

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.51.06 PM


We’re going crazy with the particles on this one and it’s going to be awesome. That and we have some big plans for how we are going to be building the world that we’ll share once they take shape.

Check out BOCO if you get the chance and let us know what you think!

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