Binary Cocoa Gets Real

The OpenWest conference is coming up in a week now! Everyone at the Binary Cocoa team is working like crazy over this next week to make sure we are fully prepared for the awesomeness. This year we have an event in mind that will hopefully generate some in interest in what we’ve been up to for a while now.

Our main attraction will be our game BOCO that we released last month. We’ll have the arcade cabinet there so that people can stop and play while they’re making the rounds. To make things more interesting we’ll be holding a tournament where the winner will receive the grand prize of a Pebble watch! We know you want the internet on you at all times, and what better way could there be to starting your journey to being an all powerful robot than adding more machinery to your person?

Let the technapocalypse begin!


Come to our booth to get more information on how to get in the competition! Or just come to hang out with us and discuss game dev. It’s kind of our lives.

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