Mondrian: Color in Motion

Make some art!

“Our family really had a great time playing Mondrian together! We loved how social and casual it was and how even when it wasn’t your turn you were trying to solve the puzzles that the other players were dealing with. We loved the very dynamic gameplay from beginning to end and the beautiful end result of the artwork generated by playing!”

— Tyler S.

Mondrian: Color in Motion

Easy to learn. Deceptively strategic.

“This game is not too long, instructions are simple, yet it contains just the right amount of complexity to keep you playing over and over again.”

— Jonathan Calderwood, J-Bob's Corner


Last frog to jump wins!

“I enjoyed the twist. Even though I lost the match, I found the change of thought process refreshing. I found myself for some time afterwards coming back and watching other people play Frog Chess because the change intrigued me.”

— Daniel Yocom, Guild Master Gaming


A card game about not making friends.

“Fancy Exploding Kittens? If so, check Wet Blanket out as well. If you like quick card and/or party games (or games about parties) with cheeky, sometimes potty-laced humor (such as the “Someone does a #2 in their pants” disaster card), this game might be right up your alley. Or, if you simply want to relive your high school / college glory days where you went about sabotaging parties (we know you did it), then this will be a walk down memory lane.”

— Benjamin Kocher, Everything Board Games

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