More Wet Blanket News!

Hey everyone! Things have been going quite swimmingly with Wet Blanket over the past couple of days. There’s still 11 days left to make a difference if you want this game about not making friends! We’ve been making some updates as we’ve been play testing the game and we hope they make the game flow better. People have been super kind to us thus far. Help us spread the word!

In the meantime Stephen has been working on some new art for Hexapod Defense Force! We figured that since Stephen(me) has sort of improved at art over the past couple years that HDF might benefit from having some spiffy new art. Here’s a sneak peak!


I rendered this space jet in Blender and then I screenshot a render of it. It was super fun! I’ll be using lots of Blender models when I update HDF and I think it’ll make the game look more slick. At least I hope so. Results have been decent thus far.

Egypt is also improving! Joseph has been pondering on how to improve our lighting system and his brain has come up with some answers. Braxton usually lurks in the background and pushes bug code sometimes.

Check back in soon for more Binary Cocoa goodness!

There’s Still Time to Get Wet Blanket!

Hey everyone! We’ve been absolutely amazed at the response that we’ve gotten on our Wet Blanket Kickstarter page and we’re crazy grateful. There’s still time to pick it up if you’re on the fence! Let us be diligent in pursuing the cause of the introvert.


We’re such hopeless romantics.

Our good friend Ford Erickson made a video for us that scares a lot of people but is also a lot of fun! Watch it at your own peril. Personally I think its a hoot. It gets some of the game mechanics a bit wrong but for the most part it explains the game. Here it is!

You were warned! Get Wet Blanket and get crazy with us!

Wet Blanket Is On Kickstarter!

Behold, the Kickstarter for Wet Blanket has launched! Check out the page to see the fine details and pictures of the card game about breaking up parties. Heck, we’ll drop some pictures of the alpha deck here on the blog as well just because we want to!




The card game is really a hoot if you get some of your most introverted friends together to play a round. Anyone can play the game but it a special appeal to those that don’t especially enjoy social gatherings. The game has you implement a series of disasters to make people leave a party to your own party where things are more calm. You win the game by having the most people in your personal party by the time the main party is emptied out.

Donate today if you’re feeling generous! We need you!