Binary Cocoa Gets Trendy

We have a hot chocolate maker! Well, a water boiler actually, but we have hot chocolate packets and those are super nice. Salted caramel is the winner in our minds.

On to Binary Cocoa things. We’re almost finished with Collider! We’ve been saying that for a while but it’s finally starting to feel complete. Core Defense is the last game mode that we’ve been chipping away at and we’re close to getting all the bugs out. Actually, I can only think of one major bug it has but it should be easy to resolve. It’s proven to be more difficult to code than all of the other modes because of the several different power ups and node types it contains. I asked Joseph if the latter statement was true and he gave a very stress stricken “yes”, with much anguish in his voice. I played the latest build this morning and it made me sweat many bullets of anxiety. You know it’s a good game when your blood boils!

Stephen has been working on another game in the meantime and it’s coming along quite nicely. It has some procedurally generated maps that change every time you go into them. It makes me get lost every time. Basically it randomly assembles around 30 maps in a random order to make a maze. I get lost pretty much every time.

Jesse Horne was a crucial factor in making this monster live! He came to Rexburg for a couple of days and put in a great deal of hours to get this mystery game working. Hope we can have a trailer soon! We’re kind of slowing the work on it until we can get Collider out the door. Then we’ll make sure Vikings gets done as well.

So much to do. And it’s all awesome. 

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