Binary Cocoa Goes Live On YouTube

Hey there, fellow gamers!

You might not have noticed, but we haven’t posted in a couple of weeks now. That’s not to say we haven’t been busy on the development side of things…we just haven’t been updating the blog. Shame on us. Most of that shame falls on Stephen because he writes these things.


We’ve decided that a good way to reach out to more people beyond the blog is to do a live steam on YouTube twice a week! One steaming session will take place during a random day of the week and the other stream will always be on Saturdays because that is the day we can guarantee we have off (most of the time). You can even participate by typing in questions as the session goes along! Feel free to hang with us at this link here. We plan on eventually adding an “on-the-air” indicator on the blog so you can easily check if we are streaming or not.

We’ve been using Open Broadcaster Software to link our stream to YouTube and it’s been really great to us so far. Have any suggestions as to how we can implement this or another tool? We’d love to hear from you!

We’re finishing up the last game mode in Collider, after which we’ll be focusing on some visual elements for a bit. Then we shall release! It will be glorious for sure. Lots of explosions everywhere. Hope you all tag along with us as we head that way.

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