Binary Cocoa Explodes Into 20,000 Particles

Blender is an amazing tool with capabilities that extend far beyond my meek imagination. Without having a teacher to tell you how to use the tools you kind of have to do some guesswork and dedicate a couple hours to discovering them. Or you could watch a YouTube video and follow the steps they take, and garner Blender knowledge as you go along. This proved to be a success when I followed the steps for making a dissolving text animation from watching a video from tutor4u. Here is what I was able to create:

Boom! Our company name explodes into 20,000 cocoa colored particles. Delicious.

This turned out to be a great practice that helped me understand how to use the camera and adjust the power of the lamp. You too can make your own exploding text by following the steps shown in this video.

As for other Binary Cocoa related things we would like to acknowledge that we are still alive and making games. Collider is on it’s way to Steam and Vikings has some new maps and an almost total art and code overhaul. BOCO has been picking up some attention as well as Hexapod Defense Force and we are very grateful. Thanks for keeping us alive!

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