Collider Has Been Greenlit

Collider has been greenlit by Steam! The crew at Binary Cocoa has been celebrating by buying everyone on the team a new lamborghini. This will probably prove to be very foolish, but nobody ever said we were good at financing.

The truth is we are very grateful to everyone that has helped us out on this great journey. We’ve met so many amazing developers at the past OpenWest conferences that have helped us out and couldn’t be more humbled. We’re determined now more than ever to deliver a product that will shine and not stink. We’ll be implementingĀ a lot of the feedback we recieved at the conference such as adding more juice graphically and updating the sounds and music. We’ve been putting our heads hard to the grindstone to churn this game out and will hopefully be releasing within the next few months! Check back soon to see the final release news, or check it out for yourself on Steam.

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