Binary Cocoa Blows Up a Trash Can

Things have been steadily taking off the past couple weeks at Binary Cocoa. We say that a lot but it really feels like we’re getting places lately. A prototype was completed for IT simulator, bugs were squashed in BOCO, and work commenced on a new game called Metanet Hunter: Battle. This is a game that was created by NightKawata and the Nekeuzen Team with us lending some art and possibly some additional coding.

On the first day of the game we were able to add a background, some map tiles and even the main character. The following four days were filled with making a hud, implementing some enemies and a trash can boss that throws trash bags that explode into dirty diaper particles. It’s a disgusting idea but the boss looks pretty great so far:

day 2

For fun I drew a crocodile in a palm tree button up shirt and khaki cargo shorts, just like our dads wore to the beach when we were younger. Face it, we’ll be doing it soon someday. We put him into the game and it turned out wonderfully as well:

day 5

We hope to be able to add some more content over the next couple of days and possibly have a trailer within a month if we’re lucky. Thankfully a huge snow storm blew over the entire east coast over the last week so school and work were cancelled. This left us with a lot of time to get started and hopefully the momentum will carry over the next couple weeks as we try to finish this new game up.

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