Wet Blanket – A Card Game About Not Making Friends


Wet Blanket is a table top card game for 2 to 8 players where you try to collect people by making them leave a party by causing socially awkward situations.


Gameplay: Players employ a variety of event cards that will make people leave a party or return to it. For example, if someone plays the Talking during the movie card then two people will leave the central party and enter your own side party. If someone plays the There’s a trampoline card then two people (total) would return to the central party from the side parties.

Other types of cards:

Food and music cards: Another way of making people leave the main party is by playing a food or music card. If certain people in the main party don’t like the food or music you choose to play then they leave to join your own party. If there are people in anyone’s parties that like the food or music played then they return to the main party. It’s a double edged sword!

Veto Cards: Veto cards are there to deny the type of music or food played. When you play a veto card you get to decide what music and food are presented. Veto cards can also veto other veto cards!

People Cards: People cards show you the party goers name, likes/dislikes and other info. All of these are important to consider when making a wild move in the game.

What it comes with: Wet Blanket comes with 108 full color front and back playing cards in a fancy tuck packet. The cards are 330gsm superior smooth cards. That means they feel good and should last a good long time. Their dimensions are 2.48”×3.46” (63mm×88mm), considered a standard playing card size. There are cards that show the party goers, music and food cards, veto cards, relationship shifting cards and disaster cards that players use to destroy the central party and grow their own side party.


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