Happy New Year From Binary Cocoa!

It’s a new year already! Time to celebrate with resolve to be the best gamer you can be!

Cheetos and mountain dew all around! If I drink mountain dew I get crazy dreams so I’ll stick with the orange soda.

A new year means new things for Binary Cocoa! Well, a lot of old things in a way, but hopefully soon they will be new to everyone else! Wet Blanket is quite new, so there’s that. It should be available on Amazon this week and we’re supremely stoked to see that happen! Get all your introvert friends together and show them how much you dislike social gatherings by having a social gathering and play this wonderful card game.

There have been a couple questions about the game that have come up recently and I think I’ll try address some of them here. If you have any questions left unanswered just let us know! We like things like that.

  1. If I start out the game with 4 veto cards what should I do? A – the risk of this happening is quite low, but if it does happen it would be extremely hilarious and resolved by your turn when you can discard one of them and draw another card from the draw deck.
  2. What do I do with people cards in my hand? A – play them into the main party! If you draw a person card you hold it in your hand until your turn and play it into the main party so as to thwart other players from draining the main party too soon. After the 8 people in the main party have been laid out to start the game the rest of them get shuffled back into the draw pile.
  3. Can I veto a super veto? A – probably not, but I’ll leave this one up to the preference of the people playing.
  4. Can I take people cards directly from other players? A – no, unless the card specifically says so. There are cards in the Soggy Biscuit expansion deck that do this. People cards go back to the main party when a card says that people must return. Then they are free to be taken by cards that make people leave to your own party.

I’m sure there are many more questions, and I’ll see that I get to them in the next blog post! Other projects are coming along swimmingly. Braxton worked on Collider on Saturday and a new game mode might drop soon! Keep checking in for the big news!

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