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    Wet Blanket and Soggy Biscuit Are Live On Amazon!

    Behold! You can find Wet Blanket and Soggy Biscuit on Amazon! Head on over there and pick up some decks today to play with family and friends! Shirts and possibly some mugs coming soon as well. Sorry for the delay on the shirts! We’ve encountered a a slight setback, but the designs are still done… Read more »

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    Wet Blanket Coming to Amazon Soon!

    Hello everyone! We’d like to thank everyone that has purchased a copy of Wet Blanket so far and we’re looking forward to see what happens with it in the future. Speaking of the future…Wet Blanket should be on Amazon this week! We’re working out a couple kinks on the product page at the moment but… Read more »

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  • wvb

    Happy New Year From Binary Cocoa!

    It’s a new year already! Time to celebrate with resolve to be the best gamer you can be! Cheetos and mountain dew all around! If I drink mountain dew I get crazy dreams so I’ll stick with the orange soda. A new year means new things for Binary Cocoa! Well, a lot of old things… Read more »

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