Piece of the cover art.

Kofre’s Curse

Kofre’s Curse is a cooperative multiplayer board game set in 19th century Egypt. We are excited to be launching this game on kickstarter soon!

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Wet Blanket

Players employ a variety of event cards that will make people leave a party or return to it. For example, if someone plays the Talking during the movie card then two people will leave the central party and enter your own side party. If someone plays the There’s a trampoline card then two people (total) would return to the central party from the side parties.

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Collider is a game where you shoot bullets that gain their own artificial intelligence. These bullets then try to kill you. There are several other game modes, plus an option to make your modes if you so wish. Go to collidergame.com to purchase or watch a trailer.
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BOCO is an elegant geometric strategy game where you square or triangle off against friends. There is also a sophisticated artificial intelligence programmed for solo play.
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Hexapod Defense Force

Hexapod Defense Force is a retro arcade style game where you blast alien invaders and defend your base from the onslaught. You are mankind’s last chance for survival, being a one tiny hexapod arms with a machine gun, land mines and missiles. Visit hdfgame.com to buy it now!
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