Elegant Geometric Strategy

How to play

  • Objective

    The game is won when a player surrounds their opponent on every side of their colored space or spaces with their own colored spaces. It is possible to tie in this game.

  • First Move

    The game starts with a player selecting any triangle space on the board. Players then alternate in selecting one space at a time until there is either a win or a tie.

  • Subsequent Moves

    A player must select a space that shares a side (not a connecting point) with an already selected space. The space selected can share a side with either their own space, or their opponent’s space.

  • Tips on Winning

    A border space can never be surrounded, therefore, any spaces of the same color connected to a border space of the same color is safe from being surrounded.

    Selecting a square space over a triangle space gives you more coverage in over powering your opponent.

    Creating pockets (empty spaces surrounded by your spaces) is a good strategy for winning.


Play wherever you are, on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Play against a friend locally or in an online game.

Easy to learn rules, begin playing in minutes.

Clever AI oppoenents with a variety of strategies.


Windows, Linux, Mac, or Android (2.3 or newer) Operating System

Mouse or other pointing device (Touchscreens should work fine)

Any desktop or laptop built in the last 10 years should run this just fine.

A friend nearby (for local multiplayer)

An internet connection (for online multiplayer)

A brain (for playing against the AI or human opponent)