Binary Cocoa Drops the Bass

Collider has a couple different game modes within it that I’ve been writing music for over the past year. Today I completed another track for a game mode called ‘Sumo’ that involves pushing large objects with your ship. I sat down with my keyboard and tried to imagine music that would go along with a […]

Binary Cocoa Turns the Lights On

Vikings is the first game that we have coded a lighting engine for. We have used shaders before but this task went above and beyond and nearly crashed our brains. We went through many jars of bean dip before we were able to figure it out. Our friend Braxton Huggins put his brain to the […]

Binary Cocoa Pushes Ahead on Collider

Exciting times are directly ahead for Binary Cocoa with their Steam release of Collider! The game is 99% percent complete, and as many developers know that last 1% percent is the hardest part to complete. We are squashing the bugs and introducing new ones in the process. We have perfected the two game modes we […]

How to Animate Sprites in Tiled

When I first started animating for Binary Cocoa I would usually draw my sprites and give them to Joseph hoping they would turn out alright. Sometimes I would check them in After Effects but the process was kinda tedious so I used a trial and error approach. Thankfully the results weren’t horrible all the time, […]