Happy Holidays From Binary Cocoa!

It’s Christmas time again! It’s getting pretty festive around these parts at Binary Cocoa. We celebrated by drawing a Christmas tree on our office white board:


We might also have a surprise soon for the Christmas season! We only have five days left to make so we’ll see if it actually happens. We hope it does for sure! It has something to do with the header of this article. And Street Fighter.

Wet Blanket decks have been ordered and they are currently in transit to everyone! They are also coming to the Binary Cocoa residence and we are anxiously awaiting their arrival. Thanks to everyone that ordered a deck and it’s expansion set! We hope that it touches your inner nerd spirit. It certainly does for us.

Binary Cocoa Finds Their Funky Flow

So much news! Wet Blanket decks should be ordered this week and sent out to backers! The shirts are also completed and are being ordered this week as well! It’s a Christmas miracle! Let’s all celebrate by watching that one Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where he beats up a bunch of people so he can get a toy doll for his son.

I’m keeping a note of that for the christmas Wet Blanket expansion if we ever make one.

Serpentine is also being worked on! Bots actually die properly now! We’re hoping to release that within a week or two on Steam. Yay!

Joseph and Stephen are exploring Godot to see if it’s unique engine will help us make games more swiftly. It has neat lighting engines that will hopefully bring much moodiness to Egypt. We’ll see what happens! That is all for now. Thanks again for being here!

New Junk Coming Soon!

We’ve some pretty exciting stuff coming out this week! First of all we’ll have some shirts for Wet Blanket! Here’s the design we’ve been throwing around:

blueshirt purpleshirt

We’ll have a good variety of colors for the shirts and might even have some hoodies as well! We’re also designing some mugs because…well, we’re Binary Cocoa and it just sounded appropriate. Fun times! I’m not exactly sure when they’ll be available this week but I’ll post something here on the blog and our Twitter page when it goes down. Thanks for sticking with us!

End of November Update!

Hey everyone! We’ve been giving our site quite a bit of love lately! It’s almost where we want it and are pretty happy with it so far. There’s tons of games for sale if you want to check those out!

Sorry, I’m not sure if I should be hawking things here in the blog. Let me talk about the games!

Wet Blanket is coming out soon! It should be out sometime in December for all those that want to share the awkwardness with everyone they love or just tolerate. We’ve been revising and revising again because unlike digital games, you can’t update physical copies after release. So hopefully they are good to go upon release! We apologize in advance if there are any defects. We are only humans aspiring to be half-robot.

Collider is hopefully getting an update with the new Serpentine mode soon! It’s pretty much done, just needs a graphic and some more functionality. We have’t cracked network multiplayer but we hope that one day it will reveal itself! Soon!

Also, Braxton got a haircut. Good for him.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Binary Cocoa news next week!